Personalize your Kambukka!

Surprise your staff with a personalized coffee mug or water bottle. All our products can have your company logo. You can go even one step further and include the name of the receiver. We promise you, the possibilities are endless.

Your Logo Here

Although we can offer you dozens of options in co-branding, please keep in mind:

The maximum size of the logo depends on the type of bottle you choose.

MOQ for both laseredge of silkscreen is 100 pcs.

Send us your logo in AI format and we can make you a render in no time!

Custom made bottles can also be complemented with additional packaging or gift boxes.


Premium Reusable bottles

Premium reusable bottles are here to stay!

No better way to represent your company by creating custom made Kambukka water bottles or coffee mugs. All hydration bottles can be customized with silkscreen logo of your company, a quote or your baseline.

The range of coffee and tea mugs can be customized with your logo in either silkscreen or laseredged (see pic on the right). 

You can even add a name in both Silkscreen or laseradging to make it even more personalized.

Kambukka logo

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