A new year, a new you! Is this ‘new you’ going to drink more water? That’s awesome, because taking care of yourself is key – now perhaps more than ever. Let our bottles give you a hand.

Stay cool with Elton Insulated

Whether you roll out your yoga mat in the bedroom or go for a walk in the park: Elton Insulated loves to keep you company (yes, even if you’re all sweaty).

This bottle keeps your drink deliciously cool for more than 20 hours and has a handy 3 in 1 lid.


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Stay on schedule with Lagoon

Are you a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ kind of person?

No matter what, Lagoon will definitely turn you into a ‘bottle completely empty’ type of gal or guy.

After all, nothing is more inviting to take another sip than a bottle with a volume indicator. Stay on schedule, stay hydrated!

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Stay hydrated in style with Reno

Even with your face all red and your hair plastered to your forehead after a sweaty workout, nothing prevents you from sipping in style. If you have Reno by your side, that is! If you have Reno by your side, that is!

This water bottle comes in numerous dashing designs, from vibrant colours to an elegant jelly fish print.

Moreover,this bottle’s firm bottom pad and handy handle prove that cool and convenient are not mutually exclusive.

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