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Etna Silver & Tea Catcher

Etna Silver & Tea Catcher
Etna Silver & Tea Catcher
Etna Silver & Tea Catcher
Etna Silver & Tea Catcher

Etna Silver & Tea Catcher

With this package, you will always have everything you need to enjoy the perfect coffee or tea. With the Etna drinking mug, you can be sure your drink will stay at the ideal temperature wherever you are. Thanks to the handy 3-in-1 lid, you drink however you want, and you can easily clean the cup.

In this package:

  • Etna 500 ml Silver
  • Tea Catcher
-9%Regular price €54,00
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe lid

Just bring your tea!

Want to drink your favorite brew anytime, anywhere? Perfectly possible thanks to our latest tea accessories that are compatible with Etna. Buy this bundle now and start your day with a fresh cup of tea on the go!

3 IN 1 LID

Our cleverly designed 3 in 1 lid with Snapclean®technology has three positions. Just push the slider to enable the different positions.





Thanks to our Snapclean® technology, you can quickly and thoroughly clean your bottle.



Tea Catcher

Meet the tea catcher: the perfect on-the-go partner for your Etna bottle. No more tea leaves floating around in your drink, and no more oversteeped, bitter tea either.

How to start?

What? Did you really think we would leave you clueless about how to use this new accessory? Think again! Check out this movie and see how easy you can start by making your teacup with your favorite Kambukka mug!

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