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Pink Blossom

Pink Blossom
Pink Blossom
Pink Blossom
Pink Blossom

Pink Blossom

Whether you are looking forward to a hearty soup or a fresh salad: the Bora lunch box ensures you can enjoy your meal as it should be. Combined with the stylish Reno drinking bottle, you can make your day as easy as possible. Simply twist the lid of your Reno and your thirst is quenched in 1-2-3. Hydrating has never been so easy.

This end-of-year gift includes:

  • 1x Reno 500 ml Pink Blossom
  • 1x Bora 400 ml Pink Blossom
-36%Regular price €54,80
  • Dishwasher safe lid
  • BPA-free

Juice do it!

Brighten up your daily routine with Kambukka. If you were to make one good resolution for this year-end, it would be to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. Armed with your favourite Kambukka, you are ready for a year full of new challenges.

Bora Lunchbox

There’s no doubt you love food. But we bet you’ll love your lunch even more when it’s packed in a beautiful lunch box. We introduce to you: Bora. This 400 ml or 600 ml lunch box does not only look heavenly it also takes care of your food as if it’s the most precious thing on earth. Oh wait, it is. Bora keeps your food fresher than fresh from morning to midnight and hot for 6 (400 ml) and 9 hours (600 ml) straight.


The twist lid is the cherry on the cake of the trendy Reno bottle.



Match made in heaven

With Kambukka, you don't have to choose between a lunchbox or water bottle with the same fun colour! Just combine the two and get a perfect picture! You can count on Kambukka!

The THIRST is real!

Cold water and a hot lunch? Look no further, our Reno and Bora can handle it all.

the Kambukka Lunch Box keeps your food fresher than fresh. What's more, this Lunch Box will keep your hot meal warm for up to 6 hours (Bora 400ml)or 9 hours (Bora 600ml)!

If you also want chilled (up to 20 hours) water, then Reno is right up your alley. Flip open the top part of the lid to drink and remove the bottom part to clean the drinking bottle or add mint leaves, lemon slices or ice cubes.
The THIRST is real!

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