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Twist Water Lid


Twist Water Lid
Twist Water Lid
Twist Water Lid
Twist Water Lid


Do you like your drinks icy cold on those hot summer days? Just combine your thermal mug with the lid of your water bottle as you can mix and match our bottles and lids and customise your perfect drinking experience.

Don’t worry about your hot drinks either, by the way. All Kambukka lids are resistant to high temperatures.

Twist Lid

The twist lid is the cherry on the cake of the trendy Reno bottle.

Twist the top part of the lid to drink 

Remove the bottom part to easily clean the bottle

ADD Fruit or Ice cubes

Add mint leaves, lemon slices or ice cubes – everything you need for a ‘cool’ lifestyle.

Mix & Match

Combine your water bottle with a 3-in-1 lid, or change your coffee mug into a water bottle with our twist lid.

For the perfect drinking experience

Do the twist

> Transform your coffee mug into an insulated water bottle

> Change your drinking experience

> Just add a water lid

Not in the mood for coffee today? Screw your water lid onto your bottle and just drink some refreshing water for today.

Which lid suits your drinking experience best? Our twist lid or the 3 in 1 water lid?

Do the twist

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