Too cool for school

After a lovely summer break filled with long nights, lazy afternoons and ice-cream, it’s time to get back on track.

Need some help creating a good daily routine? We’ve got you covered. Hello, healthy lifestyle, nice to see you again! Scroll down and discover the ‘back to school’ assortment of Kambukka …

Kambukka Lagoon

Drinking from the Lagoon is child’s play, and with the Lagoon kids bottle you can take that literally. Your little munchkins can play all day while sipping from their water bottle.

The spout lid enables an easy drinking experience and thanks to the cute designs, your kids will be super proud of their newest gadget. Quickly cleaning the Lagoon for a new day full of adventures? Just put it in the dishwasher! 

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Kambukka lagoon


If you thought the perfect water bottle didn’t exist, think again. Elton has a 3 in 1 lid with a ‘push’, ‘always open’ and ‘locked’ position, which enables a smooth drinking experience in every situation. Scared your water bottle will leak? Elton won’t let you down.

Worried your bottle will be hard to clean? This one’s dishwasher-safe and easy to take apart thanks to the Snapclean® technology. You’ll never want to let go of this bottle, and you won’t have to: thanks to the easy grip on the side of the bottle, the Elton is very comfortable to hold.

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Kambukka Elton



Already wondering how on earth you are going to survive the daily morning rush? Start by treating yourself to a stylish thermal mug to keep your coffee piping hot during the chaos..

Or if you plan on going to the gym again, a trendy water bottle is just the motivation you need. In any case, we promise you won’t get surprised by a wet backpack, cause every Kambukka bottle is 100% spill-proof. A+ for design and technology!

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Kambukka Etna

Stay hydrated kids

Already setting goals for the new work or school year? Hydration should go to the top of your list! Armed with your favorite Kambukka bottle, you and your kids are ready to sip all day, every day.


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