Back to work, back to reality!

Are you already craving something hot and strong to get you through your first day back at work?

We’ve got the perfect bottle for you. When you’re on your way from one activity to the next, Etna will not only keep your drink hot for 5 hours (300 ml) or 9 hours (500 ml) and cold for 11 hours (300 ml) or 18 hours (500 ml), but also prevent it from leaking. Not a single drop will be spilled!

Coffee Mugs


Lunch in style!

When you lunch, you lunch in style. You’ll love your lunch even more when it’s packed in a beautiful food jar.

Bora is a 400 ml or 600 ml jar that will take care of your food. It will keep your food fresher than fresh from morning to midnight and hot for 6 hours (400ml) and 9 hours (600ml) straight. The jar is 100% leak free and has an air vent to let off steam and avoid pressure build-up. Bon appétit

Food Jars


Tea lovers unite

More of a tea lover? To make sure tea lovers can drink a perfect brew wherever they are, we’ve designed a tea mesh. The tea mesh is specially designed for the Etna mug. Add some loose tea to your mug, click the mesh in the lid, add some hot water & you are ready for your first zen moment of the day.

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Tea Mesh

A yummy coffee recipe

Want to add extra punch to your day? This recipe takes only a minute to prepare, so dive in!

How to make a mocha latte

1. Pour 10g of cocoa powder into your cup

2. Add hot brewed strong coffee and mix the cocoa and coffee with a spoon

3. Froth about 80ml of cold milk until you have a delicious milk foam and pour it in your coffee

4. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on your mocha latte for the finishing touch

Et voilà.  Pour the mocha latte in your favourite Kambukka bottle and you’re ready to go. Enjoy!