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Tea Mesh

  • Click the tea filter in the lid of your Etna mug, add loose tea and enjoy!
  • Containts 1 tea filter + 1 Snapclean
  • Dishwaser safe
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Product description
3 in 1 lid
Use & care

We love quali-tea

To make sure tea lovers can drink a perfect brew wherever they are, we’ve designed a tea mesh. This gadget fits the Etna mug and catches all loose tea leaves, so you don’t have to chew on them later. The tea mesh is designed with SNAPCLEAN® technology, which means you can place it in the 3 in 1 lid whenever you crave some comfort in a bottle. Perfect drink guaran-tea-d. Want to prepare the tea mesh for your next drink? The dishwasher’s your friend!

3 in 1 lid for the perfect drinking experience


Slowly waking up behind your desk with your morning cup of coffee in hand is a different kind of drinking experience than hastily knocking back an espresso on your way to your next meeting. That’s why our cleverly designed 3 in 1 lid with Snapclean®technology has three positions. Just push the slider to enable the… 

  • ‘Push’ position: push the button every time you want to take a sip. No more spills when you’re training for a marathon or – let’s be realistic – running to catch a train.  
  • ‘Always open’ position: just drink from your bottle like you’re drinking from a cup. Perfect for relaxed situations at the office or during a well-deserved break.
  • ‘Locked’ position: the leak-proof position for people on the go. 100% backpack-proof.

Snapclean®: just pinch and pull

How to make sure not a single drop of tea, coffee or sports drink stays behind when you clean your bottle? We’ve got it covered.

Thanks to our patent pending Snapclean® feature you just pinch and pull to remove the inner mechanism in one piece. By the way, all our lids are dishwasher safe. Easy!

  • Just pinch and pull to remove the inner mechanism in one piece
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • No more stains nestling in nooks

Tea mesh

How to use?

1. Add loose tea to your Etna mug

2. Add the tea mesh and snapclean in your Etna lid untill you hear a click 

Both the tea mesh and the Snapclean® mechanism are dishwasher safe. 


Perfect Drink guaran-tea-d

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