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Back 2 school

Back 2 school

The air is buzzing with excitement as it's time to gear up for a fresh start at school. This year, Kambukka is here to make going back to school even more exciting with their vibrant Lagoon and Lagoon kids bottles. These bottles are designed to make hydration effortless and enjoyable for kids of all ages. Here, we’ll explore the advantages of personalization and the fun designs and colors that make Kambukka bottles a must-have for the new school year. 

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Drinking made easy 

One of the key advantages of the Lagoon and Lagoon Kids bottles is their spout lid with an integrated straw. This design feature makes it easy to sip your favorite beverage without the hassle of unscrewing a cap, without spilling a drop. The integrated straw ensures a smooth flow of liquid, encouraging regular hydration throughout the day.  


Make it personal 

Imagine rocking up to class with a water bottle that's more personalized than your secret handshake. With Kambukka's Lagoon and Lagoon Kids bottles, you can unleash your creativity and slap your name, your pet's name, or even a fun picture on your bottle. No more confusion or mistaken identities during lunch break. And guess what? These bottles are like your BFFs – they never abandon you. Say goodbye to the mysterious case of the disappearing water bottle!  


Kids will be alright 

This water bottle can take quite a beating which comes in handy when things get wild in the schoolyard. Thanks to the handy carrying handle, it is super comfortable to hold. Kids can play to their heart's content this way, while drinking from time to time. And don't worry, not a drop will be spilled: all of Kambukka's bottles are 100% leak-proof. It’s all about convenience and safety, without a trace of BPA or other toxic elements. 


A Splash of Excitement 

Let's face it, hydration can be a lot more exciting when it comes in a package that's as vibrant and playful as your child's imagination. Whether you like the cutest drawings, or striking colors: Kambukka's bottles are adorned with captivating illustrations and bright colours that capture the essence of childhood adventure. 

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