Juice do it!


Spice up your daily routine with Kambukka. If you make one resolution for the school year, let it be to keep yourself and your kids hydrated from nine to five.

Armed with your favorite Kambukka water bottle and a lot of energy, you’re all set for a year full of new experiences.

Lagoon Kids

Lagoon Kids

For thirsty superheroes

Spout lid with angled straw
Easy to use

Drinking from the Lagoon water bottle is child’s play, and with the Lagoon kids water bottle you can take that literally.

Your little munchkins can play all day while sipping from their drink bottle. The spout lid enables an easy drinking experience and thanks to the cute designs, your kids will be super proud of their newest gadget.

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Reno kids

Reno kids


Two-piece lid
Twist the top part off to drink
Remove bottom part to add ice cubes, fruit ..

Reno has fun designs that kids love. Thanks to the user-friendly screw cap, opening the bottle is child's play.

Twist the top part of the lid to drink and remove the bottom part for easy cleaning or to add ice cubes, fruit, ...

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