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You can customise your bottle by combining the lid of your water bottle with your thermal mug, for example.

In that way, you can keep your drink ice-cold while enjoying the simplicity of a water bottle.

Quickly discover all our lids and their advantages.

3 in 1 for the perfect drinking experience

3 in 1 for the perfect drinking experience

Your lid, your choice

Transform your insulated water bottle into a coffee mug
Change your drinking experience
Just add a coffee lid

Transform your water bottle into a coffee mug. Impossible you say? No, you only have to add a coffee lid to your bottle and the transformation is complete.

Now you can fill your Kambukka with some black gold and enjoy the day!

Switch Lid

Switch Lid

Always on top of your game

Simplicity is king
Push the cup icon to drink
Push the lock icon to lock

The switch lid assures a smooth drinking experience and the clever design makes sure your activities don’t get interrupted by a leaking travel mug.

3 in 1 Water Lid

3 in 1 Water Lid

Dripping sweat, not water

Always open
Push to drink

The 3 in 1 lid ensures that you have an optimal drinking experience during sports, on the road or at the office.

This lid has three positions 'press', 'open' and 'closed' position. This way you can adjust the position that best suits the moment.

For happy hydrating

For happy hydrating

Transform your coffee mug into an insulated water bottle
Change your drinking experience
Just add a water lid

Not in the mood for coffee today? Screw your water lid onto your bottle and just drink some refreshing water for today.

Which lid suits your drinking experience best? Our twist lid or the 3 in 1 water lid?

Spout lid

Spout lid

Keep your head up

With its easy-to-use drinking spout and straw, this lid is a favourite of kids, sports addicts and drivers.

Thanks to the angled straw you don’t have to tilt your head – eyes on the road! – while you can still finish your drink completely.

*Only available without straw / to replace your current lid. All straws are compatible

Lunch box - Accessories

Lunch box - Accessories

Snack container
Microwave box - only suitable for Bora 600 ml

The Kambukka snack container allows you to store your crunchy lunch, dinner or snack bits (like granola, croutons and muesli) separately from your moistier yummies (such as yoghurt or soup). So your meal doesn’t get all soggy

Or try our microwave box (only suited for bora 600ml). Fill it with your favourite food, put it in the microwave, and slide it right into your Lunch Box for on-the-go yumminess.

The Queen of clean

The Queen of clean


Keep your bottle happy and clean

We came up with these cleaning tablets! Pop one in your container, which you’ve filled with nice hot water, and wait thirty minutes for the magic to happen. Stubborn stains might take a little longer to disappear – but there’s nothing a night of soaking can’t solve.

The Queen of Clean

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