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It’s tea o’clock

We have designed a Kambukka Tea Catcher for our Etna bottles. Fill it up with loose tea leaves, pop the tea catcher in your Etna bottle, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a tea-riffic drink.

Now grab yourself a good book or put on your favourite tv show and… ahhhh relax.

When you buy an Etna + Tea catcher you get a €5 discount. Use the code Teariffic for this.

Discover the tea catcher

Your bottle for life

Each Kambukka product is developed to meet your needs just perfectly. The 3 in 1 lid, for example, allows you to drink the way YOU want, while the Snapclean® technology makes cleaning your bottle child’s play. Everything to make your life just that little bit easier.

3 in 1 lid

Our cleverly designed 3 in 1 lid with Snapclean®technology has three positions. Just push the slider to enable the different positions.

Open ( Push & Slide)

Push to drink



Thanks to our Snapclean technology you can quickly and thoroughly clean your lid.

Dishwasher Safe

Pinch and Pull

Mix & Match

Combine your water bottle with a 3 in 1 lid, or change your coffee mug into a watter bottle with our twist lid.

For the perfect drinking experience

Personalise your Kambukka

Personalise your Kambukka

Kambukka bottles are already very cool, but they get so much better with YOUR NAME, LOGO or FAVORITE QUOTE on them. Start to personalise as off 1 piece!

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