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Tea Mesh

Tea Mesh

To make sure tea lovers can drink a perfect brew wherever they are, we’ve designed a tea mesh. This gadget fits the Etna mug and catches all loose tea leaves, so you don’t have to chew on them later.

The tea mesh is designed with SNAPCLEAN® technology, which means you can place it in the 3 in 1 lid whenever you crave some comfort in a bottle. Perfect drink guaran-tea-d.

Want to prepare the tea mesh for your next drink? The dishwasher’s your friend!

Tea catcher

Tea catcher

Meet the tea catcher: the perfect on-the-go partner for your Etna bottle. No more tea leaves floating around in your drink, and no more oversteeped, bitter tea either.

The tea catcher neatly clicks into your tea mesh (what a satisfying sound!), lets your tea soak in all safety, and can easily be removed when the infusion magic has done its work.

Where to put the the tea catcher after use, you ask? In its own special little box, of course! Saves you quite some trouble while commuting or strolling and sipping, don’t you agree?

How to start?

What? Did you really think we would leave you clueless about how to use this new accessory? Think again! Check out this movie and see how easy you can start by making your teacup with your favorite Kambukka mug!

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