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Okay, so you absolutely love your Kambukka lunch box, you use it day in, day out and you feel like you two are inseparable?

Hold on tight, it gets even better...

snack container

snack container

Suitable for Bora 400ml & 600ml
Dishwasher safe

In this Kambukka snack box you can store your crunchy breakfast, lunch or evening meal snacks (such as granola, croutons and muesli) separately from your more moisturizing treats (such as yogurt or soup), so that your meal stays nice and dry and crunchy.

And that's not all! Because this cute container feels right at home in the dishwasher, cleaning is a breeze. Ready for that extra crunchy dining experience?

Micro compartment

Micro compartment

Only compatible with Bora 600ml
6 am hot
Dishwasher safe

Meet our 400 ml microwave container, which fits perfectly in the Bora lunch box! Fill it with your favorite food, pop it in the microwave and slide it straight into your lunch box for on-the-go treats. Your delicious meal will stay warm for up to 6 hours (that is, if you can wait that long to attack…).

Finished eating? The microwave container is dishwasher safe – yay!

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