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OFFER with the purchase of an Elton Insulated, a FREE Etna lid!


Hydration is no joke. The Monza lid is specially designed for daredevils who thrive on speed, excitement and action.
In short: the ideal copilot to quench your thirst when the adrenaline is coursing through your body.
CHOOSE & personalize your bottle with monza

Ready. sET. hYDRATE.

Thanks to the extra-long and bendable straw, you drink your refreshing thirst-quencher with ease when in full racing gear. You won't waste a drop. Monza is fully interchangeable with your favorite Kambukka drinking bottle, so get ready for the start.
No Elton, No racing

No Elton, No racing

Combine the forces of Monza with the Elton water bottle. The most refreshing duo to accompany you during the most exciting races.

In 3 simple steps, combine the Monza racing lid with a personalised Elton water bottle.

Step 1: Choose your Elton

Step 2: Personalise your bottle, the Monza lid automatically appears in your basket

Step 3: Add extras

Ready? Go to step 1: Choose your Elton >

KAMBUKKA's racing

Onze toewijding aan actieve sporten en racen is geen toeval. De oprichter van Kambukka, Stijn Lowette, staat namelijk niet enkel aan het roer van ons bedrijf. Je vindt hem ook achter het stuur van racewagens. Met zijn driving skills, ervaring en gedrevenheid hebben we de Monza kunnen tunen tot het perfecte ontwerp voor elke high-speed liefhebber.

KAMBUKKA's racing

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