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tea time

Tea lovers we heard you! Meet the Kambukka Tea Catcher.

Fill it with loose tea leaves, put the Tea Catcher in your Etna bottle and voilà! You have a fan-teastic drink.

When you buy an Etna + Tea catcher you get a €5 discount . To do this, use the code Teariffic .

Discover the tea catcher

tea catcher

Is our tea mesh really your (ahem) cup of tea? Then you probably want to hear more about our brand new tea accessory! Meet our Tea Catcher: the perfect partner for your Etna bottle on the go.

This tea catcher consists of a snapclean with tea mesh, an infuser and an on-the-go box

Did you know…

Did you know…

… Green tea is the best way to start the day.

Black tea helps you stay focused, so it's the ideal afternoon drink.

Do you want to sleep like a baby? Make yourself a nice cup of white tea in the evening.

Oh and this too...

Oh and this too...

… Have you ever wondered why tea is called “chai” in some countries? Both words have their origin in China. But the use of these words depends on how the tea used to be in certain countries
ended up.

Chai was mainly used by merchants trading through the Silk Road. "Tea" was used by merchants trading by sea.

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