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keep it clean

cleaning accessories

You want to keep your Kambukka bottle happy (and clean, shiny and odorless). We understand that. That is also the reason why we came up with these cleaning products!

Queen of clean

Queen of clean

Fill your bottle with hot water, add a tablet and wait about thirty minutes for the magic to happen. Stubborn stains may take a little more time to disappear - but soaking overnight will solve a lot.

Now you have an extra trick up your sleeve to keep your Kambukka spotless. We're willing to bet that you'll soon be wanting cleaning tablets like these to make your home or car shine... It's just that simple!

brushing bros

brushing bros

Do you want a sparkling clean bottle? Give your Kambukka a good wash between uses. Fill it to the top with hot soapy water and use the large cleaning brush.

To get your bottle shiny and like new again, we've also designed a brush to get into all those little corners.

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