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Spill beans...

...Not plastic

At Kambukka, we are not only committed to sustainable products, but also to sustainable business.

We are therefore proud to be able to call ourselves a B Corp™ certified company as of 2021!

A B-what?

The B Corp™ Certificate is an
internationally recognised certificate for companies that want to make a positive impact on people and the environment. In fact, it even goes further, ensuring that people and the environment are viewed at the same level as generating profit. 

The selection process to become a B Corp™ is quite intensive. We were assessed on five different categories including 'employees', 'community' and 'environment'.

Kambukka scored a total of 83.1 points and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure we keep growing with our company, our people and our ideology.

Be sure to check out the B Corp™ website to find out the latest news!

A B-what?
Tritan Renew

Tritan Renew

In addition to stainless steel bottles, Kambukka also makes Tritan Renew bottles. So it’s clear it’s got a fancy name, but what exactly is it?! Well, Tritan Renew is a sustainable type of plastic
made from 50% recycled material without any compromise being made on quality!

That means we save up to 7 single use plastic bottles when producing one Tritan Renew Kambukka bottle. Now try adding the number of single use plastic bottles you will save by using your Kambukka every day...

Lost count yet?! So have we! The important thing is, thanks to Tritan Renew, we're being kinder to the environment.

Pay it forward

Pay it forward

Does your Kambukka need replacing? Or have you simply fallen in love with one of the new prints you can now get on our bottles? Simply give your old bottle a new lease of life! How about using it as a holder for pens, toothbrushes or make-up? 

Then again, we do like to think 'out of the bottle’... so why not turn it into a unique flowerpot for your plants?

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