Lagoon 1000 ml

Arctic Blue

Lagoon 1000 ml

Arctic Blue


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  • Dishwasher safe lid
  • BPA-free
This Lagoon water bottle has an integrated straw, ideal for sports or when you're on the go. As icing on the cake , this bottle is dishwasher safe! Would you like an extra touch? Personalize our bottle with your quote/name or even go a step further and put a nice photo on it.

The THIRST is real!

Are you looking for the perfect fitness buddy or do you want to stay hydrated throughout the day? You can count on Kambukka. Let yourself be seduced by our water bottles. #talkthirstytome


With its easy-to-use drinking spout and straw, this lid is a favourite of kids, sports addicts and drivers.


Thanks to the angled straw you don’t have to tilt your head – eyes on the road! – while you can still finish your drink completely.

Your no-nonsense water bottle

Hidden sides? This Lagoon drinking bottle does not have that. This cleverly designed water bottle with straw will keep you hydrated wherever you are. This water bottle is user-friendly in every way. Thanks to the curved straw, you no longer have to tilt your head to completely empty the drinking bottle (and you can always keep your eyes on the road).

Your no-nonsense water bottle

Your lagoon drinking bottle

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