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Share the warmth this Christmas

The cozy winter months are fast approaching - a time to stay warm and snug. But it's also the ideal time to spoil the people you love with a great gift, or maybe even ask them to "surprise" you with something you'd love to have!

The ideal Christmas gift for less than 50 euros
What gifts should we buy for Christmas or New Year? That question could lead to a mini-crisis every year, so what's the answer? Fortunately, there is actually a fairly simple answer with a gift under 50 euros that is suitable for everyone: easy to use, last a lifetime, easy to clean and 100% leak-proof. In short, it is the ideal gift for both him and her. Any idea what we're talking about? Spot on! It's a water bottle, coffee mug or lunch box from Kambukka!

To help you get started, we've shared some gift ideas below so you can share the warmth with your loved ones or find something to put right at the top of your own wish list.
Our favorites for your wish list:


Do you like to enjoy a delicious tea or coffee on the road or at work? One small sip from this and you can take on the world. The Etna drinking cup ensures that your drink remains at the ideal temperature, wherever you are. It also has a handy 3-in-1 lid so you can drink how you like and clean the cup afterwards with ease. Can you already feel the heat?

The perfect companion for all your good intentions! The Elton drinking bottle is the ideal choice to quench your thirst in any situation - at home, on the road or during sports. The leak-proof 3-in-1 lid ensures you don't waste a drop of water, while also allowing you to enjoy an optimal drinking experience when you need refreshment.



Eyes on the prize! You will find a conveniently placed straw in the lid of the Lagoon water bottle. Quenching your thirst has never been easier! This drinking bottle is a favorite with children, sports enthusiasts and people who are often on the go. Simply the easiest accessory to always stay hydrated.

The Bora Lunch Box keeps your food fresher than fresh from morning to night. Whether you're looking forward to a hearty soup or a fresh salad on the menu for today, our lunch box is the perfect choice to ensure you enjoy your meal as it should be. They're perfect for healthy snackers, active kids, teens on the go, and everyone in between!


How wonderful life is, now that Reno is in the world. Our stylish Reno drinking bottles are designed to make your day as easy as possible. Just twist the lid and your thirst will be quenched with 1-2-3. Hydrating has never been so easy.



Simplicity adorns the Olympus coffee cup. The switch lid on this reusable and leak-proof cup simply has 2 options: open or closed. Wherever you are, with the Olympus interchangeable lid you can enjoy your hot drink at any time with literally 1 push of a button. And thanks to the snapclean system, you can also clean it in no time.


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