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Etna prints 2023

Etna prints 2023

Sip in Style 

Kambukka introduces the new Etna coffee mugs: a fresh look at drinking coffee on the go For coffee lovers with a great thirst on the go, a handy, sturdy and stylish coffee mug is a must. Kambukka has added four new designs to the popular collection of Etna coffee cups that are not only practical, but also visually appealing. With the new Flower Power, House of Arches, Morning Glory and Daydream Madras you can express your unique personality through your coffee mug.

Flower Power: seize the day

Bring a touch of nature into your daily routine with the Flower Power coffee cup. Imagine sipping your hot coffee surrounded by a field of bright wildflowers. This design is a perfect combination of vibrant colors and playful flowers that brighten up your day like a fresh bouquet. The Flower Power print is perfect for anyone who likes to face the day with positivity and happiness.


House of Arches: enter the Funhouse

Say goodbye to seriousness and hello to fun with the House of Arches print. This playful design features bows in trendy colors that are guaranteed to bring out your inner joy. The House of Arches coffee mug is perfect for those who like to show their playful side and add a touch of humor to their day.


Morning Glory: with your head in the clouds

Take a break from reality and immerse yourself in a daydream with the Morning Glory coffee cup. This bright design comes straight from a utopian world, where it's all about endless imagination and soothing peace of mind. The Morning Glory is perfect for those who like to keep their heads in the clouds and escape the stress of everyday life.


Daydream Madras: dare it

Stay ahead of the latest fashion trends with the Daydream Madras coffee cup. This design features colorful patterns that are emerging in the fashion world. The Daydream Madras is perfect for those who like to complete their outfit with a stylish accessory.


In short, Kambukka's new Etna coffee cups are a great way to upgrade your coffee drinking experience. Choose the mug that best suits your personality and enjoy a fresh take on coffee drinking!


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