Frequently Asked Questions

Kambukka general use

What should I do before first use?

We know you can’t wait to use your KAMBUKKA, but make sure to wash all parts with soapy water before your first sip!

Can I also use my KAMBUKKA bottle for drinks other than water?

Yes! If you have purchased a plastic (tritan) bottle you may also use it for other beverages than water such as juices or (non-carbonated) lemonades.

Can I use my KAMBUKKA for carbonated drinks?

Our bottles are not suitable for carbonated drinks.

Can I use the KAMBUKKA stainless steel bottles for hot drinks?

Of course! Our Etna and Olympus stainless steel bottles are designed so you can enjoy your coffee or tea on the go! If you want to fill your KAMBUKKA with a boiling liquid, you must let the liquid cool down for at least 3 minutes before putting the lid on.

If the liquid is too hot, the pressure inside the bottle may become too high. This can cause the liquid to squirt out, which can cause burns. Always press the button with the cup upright, away from your face, to release the pressure before drinking.

Can I put my KAMBUKKA bottle in the fridge, freezer or microwave?

No, we recommend to not microwave, refrigerate or freeze your bottle since it may cause damage to your beloved KAMBUKKA bottle.

Why is my KAMBUKKA bottle leaking?

All Kambukka bottles are 100% leak-proof – yay! But if you notice that fluids are leaking from your bottle, these are possible causes:

3 in 1 lid: your Snapclean® is not properly clicked in the lid. To prevent your bottle from leaking, push the Snapclean® mechanism in the lid with two fingers until you hear a click.

Spout lid: your spout lid is not completely closed. Make sure you hear a click when you close the cover of your spout lid. If not, water can leak through the hole in the spout. Relax: water can’t escape through the little airhole in the lid itself.

Why doesn't the color design seem so nice?

Application film is used for some designs. This is slightly visible when overlapping or curving.

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